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Cloud Nine (Pokémon Ability)


Negates all effects of weather, but does not prevent the weather itself.

In-Depth Effect

While this Pokémon is in battle, weather can still be in play, but will not have any of its effects. This ability functions identically to air lock.

Pokémon with Cloud Nine Stats

Pokémon with Cloud NineNumber of Pokémon
As an Ability2
As a Hidden Ability5
Total Pokémon7

Game Descriptions

Ruby SapphireNegates weather effects.
EmeraldNegates weather effects.
FireRed LeafGreenNegates weather effects.
Diamond PearlEliminates the effects of weather.
PlatinumEliminates the effects of weather.
HeartGold SoulSilverEliminates the effects of weather.
Black WhiteEliminates the effects of weather.
Black 2 White 2Eliminates the effects of weather.
X YEliminates the effects of weather.
Sun MoonEliminates the effects of weather.
Ultra Sun Ultra MoonEliminates the effects of weather.
Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go EeveeEliminates the effects of weather.
Sword ShieldEliminates the effects of weather.

Pokémon with Cloud Nine as an Ability

#ImageNameTypeAbilitiesBase Stats
Swift Swim(Hidden)
Swift Swim(Hidden)

Pokémon with Cloud Nine as a Hidden Ability

#ImageNameTypeAbilitiesBase Stats
Cloud Nine(Hidden)
Cloud Nine(Hidden)
Cloud Nine(Hidden)
Cloud Nine(Hidden)
Cloud Nine(Hidden)


Red Blue No
Yellow No
Ruby Sapphire Yes
Emerald Yes
FireRed LeafGreen Yes
Diamond Pearl Yes
Platinum Yes
HeartGold SoulSilver Yes
Black White Yes
Black 2 White 2 Yes
X Y Yes
Sun Moon Yes
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Yes
Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go Eevee Yes
Sword Shield Yes