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Tropic Mail (Pokémon Item)


Lets a Trainer write a message and send it via Pokémon trade.

In-Depth Effect

Used to send short messages to other players via Pokémon trading. Trainer may compose a message from a finite list of words when giving this item to a Pokémon. Once taken and read, a message may be erased and this item can be reused, or the message may be stored in the trainer's PC. Held : Holder cannot be placed in the PC. Any move attempting to remove this item from the holder will fail.



All mail


Cost: 50


Red Blue No
Yellow No
Ruby Sapphire Yes
Emerald Yes
FireRed LeafGreen Yes
Diamond Pearl No
Platinum No
HeartGold SoulSilver No
Black White No
Black 2 White 2 No
X Y No
Sun Moon No
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon No
Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go Eevee No
Sword Shield No

Game Descriptions

Ruby SapphireA BELLOSSOM-print MAIL to be held by a POKéMON.
EmeraldA BELLOSSOM-print MAIL to be held by a POKéMON.
FireRed LeafGreenA piece of MAIL featuring a cute BELLOSSOM print. It is to be held by a POKéMON.


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