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The Pokédex is a database of information about all Pokémon in the world, such as moves, type weaknesses, game descriptions, sprites, and more. You can find a list of all Pokémon below, or view a Pokédex by region. Each Pokédex will show the Pokémon's sprite, type, and stats, which are sortable. Each Pokédex can also be filtered by Pokémon type.

All Pokémon

  • All Pokémon
    Master list of all Pokémon, including all forms

Regional Pokédexes

Regional Pokédexes include information about Pokémon native to a region. Click on any of the Pokédexes below to see all the Pokémon for that game. The National Dex lists all of the Pokémon discovered to date. To see all Pokémon and their forms, see the All Pokemon list.