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Pokémon Go Type Chart: Strengths and Weaknesses


Pokémon Go types are the exact same as the types in the main Pokémon games. Learn more about Pokémon types here. However, the type advantages and disadvantages are slightly different. Here's a comparison of the damage multipliers.

Damage Multiplier

Pokémon GOMainline Pokémon
Strong against
"Super effective"
Weak against
"Not very effective"
Resistant to
Doubly effective2.56x4x

Pokémon Go Type Chart

Use this chart to understand what type is effective against another type. This chart can be searched, filtered, and sorted by type.


  • Strong against: Ice type Pokémon are strong against Flying, Ground, Grass, and Dragontypes. The damage caused by an Ice type Pokémon against these types, will be multiplied by 1.6 or 160%. If you are battling any of these types, an Ice type Pokémon will have an advantage.
  • Weak against: Ice types are weak against Steel, Fire, Water, and other Ice type Pokémon. Damages dealt to these types will reduced, and multiplied by 0.625 or 62.5%.
  • Resistant to: Ice type Pokémon are resistant to other Ice type Pokémon. Any damage caused by other Icetypes will be reduced, and multiplied by 0.39 or 39%.
  • Vulnerable to: Ice type Pokémon are vulnerable to Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire types. Damage caused by these types will be increased by 2.56 or 256%. Don't use an Ice type Pokémon against these types.

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