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Fighting Pokémon Type (Type)

The Fighting type is one of the 18 elemental Pokémon types.

Fighting Strengths and Weaknesses


Super effective Normal Ice Rock Dark SteelFighting is super effective against these types and will deal double damage.
Not very effective Poison Flying Psychic Bug FairyFighting is not very effective against these types and will deal half damage.
No effect GhostFighting has no effect on these types and will deal no damage.


Not very effective against Fighting Bug Rock DarkThese types are not very effective againstFighting type, and will deal half the damage they normally would.
Super effective against Fighting Flying Psychic FairyThese types are super effective against Water and will deal double the damage they would normally deal.

Fighting Pokémon Stat Averages

Fighting Pokémon

This is a complete list of all Fighting Pokémon. This list can be searched and sorted. To sort, click the column names.
Base Exp.
Total Stats
#648Keldeo OrdinaryWaterFighting2905809172901299090
#783Hakamo ODragonFighting147420557590657070
#784Kommo ODragonFighting30060075110125100105105
#892Urshifu Single StrikeFightingDark275550100130100636060
#649Meloetta PirouetteNormalFighting27060010012890777777
#648Keldeo ResoluteWaterFighting2905809172901299090
#182Mewtwo Mega XPsychicFighting351780106190100154100100
#244Heracross MegaBugFighting2106008018511540105105
#282Blaziken MegaFireFighting28463080160801308080
#334Medicham MegaFightingPsychic1795106010085808585
#468Lucario MegaFightingSteel21962570145881407070
#308Gallade MegaPsychicFighting278618681659565115115
#455Lopunny MegaNormalFighting2035806513694549696
#784Kommo O TotemDragonFighting27060075110125100105105
#91Farfetchd GalarFighting132377529555586262
#177Zapdos GalarFightingFlying2905809012590859090
#889Zamazenta CrownedFightingSteel3607209213014580145145
#892Urshifu Rapid StrikeFightingWater275550100130100636060
#74Machamp GmaxFighting2275059013080658585
#892Urshifu Single Strike GmaxFightingDark275550100130100636060
#892Urshifu Rapid Strike GmaxFightingWater275550100130100636060

Fighting Moves

This is a complete list of all Fighting moves. This list can be searched and sorted. To sort, click the column names.

Karate ChopPhysical12550100The target is attacked with a sharp chop. Critical hits land more easily.
Double KickPhysical13030100The target is quickly kicked twice in succession using both feet.
Jump KickPhysical11010095The user jumps up high, then strikes with a kick. If the kick misses, the user hurts itself.
Rolling KickPhysical1156085The user lashes out with a quick, spinning kick. This may also make the target flinch.
SubmissionPhysical1208080The user grabs the target and recklessly dives for the ground. This also damages the user a little.
Low KickPhysical120100A powerful low kick that makes the target fall over. The heavier the target, the greater the move’s power.
CounterPhysical120100A retaliation move that counters any physical attack, inflicting double the damage taken.
Seismic TossPhysical120100The target is thrown using the power of gravity. It inflicts damage equal to the user’s level.
High Jump KickPhysical11013090The target is attacked with a knee kick from a jump. If it misses, the user is hurt instead.
Triple KickPhysical2101090A consecutive three-kick attack that becomes more powerful with each successful hit.
ReversalPhysical215100An all-out attack that becomes more powerful the less HP the user has.
Mach PunchPhysical23040100The user throws a punch at blinding speed. This move always goes first.
DetectStatus25This move enables the user to protect itself from all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
Dynamic PunchPhysical2510050The user punches the target with full, concentrated power. This confuses the target if it hits.
Vital ThrowPhysical21070The user attacks last. In return, this throw move never misses.
Cross ChopPhysical2510080The user delivers a double chop with its forearms crossed. Critical hits land more easily.
Rock SmashPhysical21540100The user attacks with a punch. This may also lower the target’s Defense stat.
Focus PunchPhysical320150100The user focuses its mind before launching a punch. This move fails if the user is hit before it is used.
SuperpowerPhysical35120100The user attacks the target with great power. However, this also lowers the user’s Attack and Defense stats.
RevengePhysical31060100This attack move’s power is doubled if the user has been hurt by the opponent in the same turn.
Brick BreakPhysical31575100The user attacks with a swift chop. It can also break barriers, such as Light Screen and Reflect.
Arm ThrustPhysical32015100The user lets loose a flurry of open-palmed arm thrusts that hit two to five times in a row.
Sky UppercutPhysical3158590The user attacks the target with an uppercut thrown skyward with force.
Bulk UpStatus320The user tenses its muscles to bulk up its body, raising both its Attack and Defense stats.
Wake-Up SlapPhysical41070100This attack inflicts big damage on a sleeping target. This also wakes the target up, however.
Hammer ArmPhysical41010090The user swings and hits with its strong, heavy fist. It lowers the user’s Speed, however.
Close CombatPhysical45120100The user fights the target up close without guarding itself. This also lowers the user’s Defense and Sp. Def stats.
Force PalmPhysical41060100The target is attacked with a shock wave. This may also leave the target with paralysis.
Aura SphereSpecial42080The user lets loose a blast of aura power from deep within its body at the target. This attack never misses.
Drain PunchPhysical41075100An energy-draining punch. The user’s HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.
Vacuum WaveSpecial43040100The user whirls its fists to send a wave of pure vacuum at the target. This move always goes first.
Focus BlastSpecial4512070The user heightens its mental focus and unleashes its power. This may also lower the target’s Sp. Def stat.
Storm ThrowPhysical51060100The user strikes the target with a fierce blow. This attack always results in a critical hit.
Low SweepPhysical52065100The user makes a swift attack on the target’s legs, which lowers the target’s Speed stat.
Quick GuardStatus515The user protects itself and its allies from priority moves.
Circle ThrowPhysical5106090The target is thrown, and a different Pokémon is dragged out. In the wild, this ends a battle against a single Pokémon.
Final GambitSpecial55100The user risks everything to attack its target. The user faints but does damage equal to its HP.
Sacred SwordPhysical51590100The user attacks by slicing with a long horn. The target’s stat changes don’t affect this attack’s damage.
Secret SwordSpecial51085100The user cuts with its long horn. The odd power contained in the horn does physical damage to the target.
Flying PressPhysical61010095The user dives down onto the target from the sky. This move is Fighting and Flying type simultaneously.
Mat BlockStatus610Using a pulled-up mat as a shield, the user protects itself and its allies from damaging moves. This does not stop status moves.
Power-Up PunchPhysical62040100Striking opponents over and over makes the user’s fists harder. Hitting a target raises the Attack stat.
All-Out PummelingPhysical71The user rams an energy orb created by its Z-Power into the target with full force. The power varies, depending on the original move.
No RetreatStatus85This move raises all the user’s stats but prevents the user from switching out or fleeing.
OctolockStatus815100The user locks the target in and prevents it from fleeing. This move also lowers the target’s Defense and Sp. Def every turn.
Max KnucklePhysical81010This is a Fighting-type attack Dynamax Pokémon use. This raises ally Pokémon’s Attack stats.
Body PressPhysical81080100The user attacks by slamming its body into the target. The higher the user’s Defense, the more damage it can inflict on the target.
Meteor AssaultPhysical85150100The user attacks wildly with its thick leek. The user can’t move on the next turn, because the force of this move makes it stagger.
CoachingStatus810The user properly coaches its ally Pokémon, boosting their Attack and Defense stats.
Thunderous KickPhysical81090100The user overwhelms the target with lightning-like movement before delivering a kick. This also lowers the target’s Defense stat.